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Akar is fully equipped with the latest equipment to deliver quality, every time.

Sieve Analysis
Impact Testing Machine
Universal Testing Machine
Salt Spray Chamber
Roughness Tester
Profile Projector
Nickel Thickness Tester
MPI Testing
Metallurgical Microscope
Design & Engineering
We use the latest Design Software, our Designing Department consists of a team of highly qualified Engineers, they follow a concept called NPD.
Heat Treatment Facility
All Units have in-house heat treatment facility – Hand Tools Division is equipped with Shaker Hearth Furnace it is a Gas fired furnace with Polymer quenching having 5 Electric tempering Zone. It is used for Heat Treatment of all type of hand tools. Forging Division is equipped with a Continus Pusher type SCAD Based Heat treatment plant which is capable for ISO Annealing, Normalizing, Harding and tempering of various forgings. Capacity of plant is around 22 metric ton per day. Leaf Spring Division is equipped with Walking Beam type Fully automatic PLC control 12mt. German make Hardening Furnace with Oil Quenching With a capacity of 2500 metric ton and 15mt. Long Tempering Furnace, used for the heat treatment of Various Leaf springs.
Shaker Hearth Furnace
Continuous Pusher Type Furnace
Walking Beam Type Furnace
Tool Room
Akar is having fully equipped conventional and computerizes Tool Room, we make all the required Tooling at our Tool Room, it is having Surface grinder, EDM, CNC, Lathe Machine, milling, Shaper, Cutting, Drilling and a team of highly qualified and experience manpower. We make all the required Tools and dies including brooches required by all the units of Akar
Forgings Capability
Akar is equipped with 2 forge shops, 6 drop forge hammers are installed at hand tools division, range from 0.75 tons to 1.5 tons, these are used for forging for various type of hand tools like wrenches, pliers, spanners etc. 3 drop forge hammers range from 0.75 ton to 3 ton are installed at Forging division. We are having capability to forge any job from 0.03 Kg to 25 kg. All hammers at forging division are associated with electric furnaces to achieve scale free clean forgings, due to such capabilities Akar is number one supplier of lever Forgings to various Automotive Manufacturers.
Machining Capability
Akar is equipped with 8 CNC Machines. We are capable to machines up to700 mm length input shafts of various types. We also do machining of gear blanks, levers. We can machine around 2000 PCs per day
Surface Treatment
Hand tools division of Akar is equipped with semi automatic dual nickel - chrome plating plant, with the capacity of 2,000,000 Pcs / Month, Leaf Sparing division of Akar is also equipped with Conveyer Painting booth along with Baking oven with the capability of Variable Temperature and baking time.